Rosario Cathedral

Roman Catholic Diocese of Mangaluru, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary built by the Portuguese in 1568. Desecrated and destroyed by Mysorean ruler Tipu Sultan in 1784. Reconstruction of the church later began in 1813.

Church of Our Lady of Miracles: Also known as Milagres church is a historic Roman Catholic Church situated in the Hampankatta locality of Mangaluru.

The church was built in 1680 by Bishop Thomas de Castro, a Theatine from Divar, Goa. After Tipu was killed by the British during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War on 4 May 1799, the Mangalorean Catholics were freed from Captivity and most subsequently returned to Mangaluru. Among the returnees was a baker Lawrence Bello, who built a chapel to replace the demolished church.

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