Kudroli Gokarnanath Temple

This century old temple shimmers with golden glow during the Navaratri. This is the centre of attraction during the Mangaluru Dasara celebration.

The Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, otherwise known as Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatha Kshetra, is in the Kudroli area of Mangalore in Karnataka, India. It was consecrated by Narayana Guru. It is dedicated to Gokarnanatha, a form of Lord Shiva. This temple was built in 1912 by Adhyaksha HoigeBazar Coragappa. This temple was meant for the worship by Billava community, who were prohibited from entering other temples.
Smaller temples for the Navagraha, Annapoorneswari, Mahaganapathi, Subramanya, Shaneeshwara and Anandabhairava surround the main temple. Four gopuras, pillars constructed in the Tamil Nadu style, are adorned with murals, showing a variety of scenes from legends, mythology and epics of different gods and goddesses. Navrathri and Shivaratri are celebrated with fervour at the temple.
Name `Kudre-valli` has been assigned to the land on which the temple is built, owing to the fact that it was earlier used by Tippu Sultan to graze his horses.

Mangaluru Dasara
The Navaratri celebrations of this temple is popularly called Mangalore Dasara. Mangalore Dasara was started by B.R.Karkera.
In addition to idols of Sharada Matha and Maha Ganapati, life-size idols of Nava Durgas are installed in the premises in an attractive way during Navaratri. All religious rites are observed for the entire period. Tableaux form a special part of the festivities and are taken around the main thoroughfares of Mangalore.
Mangalore Dasara is celebrated in a very spectacular way by worshiping the idol of Ganesh, Adhi Shakthi Maatha, Sharada Maatha, Navadurgas such as Shaila Puthri Maatha, Brahmachaarini Maatha, Chandrakaantha Maatha, Kushmaandini Maatha, Skanda Maatha, Kathyaahini Maatha, Maha Kaali Maatha, Maha Gowri Maatha and Siddhi Dhaathri Maatha. All these idols are grandly worshiped for nine days of navarathri. On the tenth day, these idols are taken in the grand procession of Mangalore Dasara throughout the city; the procession returns to Gokarnanatha Kshethra on the next

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